I am available for a variety of freelance technology services to help your home or business. The services listed below are my primary offerings, but if you have a custom request that does not fit neatly into the below categories, don't hesitate to contact me to see what's possible.

If you are in the Kansas City area, I would be happy to set up an in-person meeting, but if you are out of the area, many of my offerings are also available via virtual consultation. Once you reach out to me below, we can find the appropriate time and venue of communication to discuss further.

Home or Small Business Automation

Whether you want to add a few smart lights to your home, or create something more complex, I'm here to help with some or all of the process. While I aim to provide lots of help and tutorials on this site to get you started with home automation, I recognize that there can still be a learning curve. I can provide custom services to help with parts of the setup process, or I can build out a complete setup for your home or small business from start to finish, including training and support.

Web Design and Development

I can work with you to create or redesign a customized personal or business website to bolster your online presence. I use the latest best practices to create sites that have low overhead and long-term costs to operate, as well as being easy to maintain and able to scale to handle large amounts of traffic when needed. For businesses, I can also integrate a full eCommerce setup.

If you already have a website, I can start with a free audit to look for opportunities to improve, and can provide my services to take your current site to the next level if a complete rebuild is not needed.

Networking and Other Computer Support Services

These days, the demands placed on a Wi-Fi network are higher than ever. With phones, computers, tablets, smart TV's, game consoles, and many more devices using an internet connection, a simple consumer-grade router placed wherever your Internet connection happens to enter your home is frequently no longer enough to cut it. I can help optimize your network in your home or small business to handle dozens of simultaneous connections without missing a beat.

With over two decades of experience in both computer software and hardware, I can provide many other technical support services as well.

Contact Me

Get in touch below about any of the services I offer, and I'll get back to you within 2-3 business days.