My Resume

Work Experience

Trinity Life Sciences, Boston, MA

July 2021-Present

Senior Data Integration Architect

  • Develop REST APIs in C# and deploy to Microsoft Azure
  • Create ETL and Master Data Management processes using SQL Server Integration Services, T-SQL stored procedures, and PowerShell to transform, standardize, and transport data from a variety of database, flat file, or REST API sources

Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO

September 2010-July 2021

Senior Support Integration Architect, Service Improvement

August 2019-July 2021

  • Developed and maintained internal web portal for standardizing data and task management
  • Led effort to modernize reporting strategy using Python and Microsoft Power BI, by creating ETL pipelines to take data from multiple SQL and NoSQL databases and aggregate it into actionable data and visualizations
  • Developed software to eliminate redundant or repetitive tasks across the organization, creating annualized time savings of over 2000 employee hours
  • Created and refined performance of SQL audits to measure client system performance, identify potential issues, and automate resolution across hundreds of client installations

Senior Support Integration Architect, Client Operations

January 2015-August 2019

  • Monitored stability and performance for a large client with over 60 live facilities and eight production environments
  • Managed technical strategy, including coordination of project, maintenance, and software upgrade timetables
  • Developed software solutions using Python, SQL, and shell scripts to proactively or more quickly address potential issues
  • Resolved complex escalated client issues

Consulting Integration Architect

January 2014-January 2015

  • Directed technical implementation plan for multiple facility implementations, coordinating timing and strategy between Cerner, the hospital, and numerous integrated third-party vendors
  • Oversaw the creation of Integration Test plans, and validated the accuracy and completeness of plans
  • Managed project infrastructure strategy and code installation strategy for one production environment and three non-production environments, with multiple overlapping projects
  • Provided technical leadership for demos at client and Integration Testing events

Delivery Consultant

September 2010-January 2014

  • Primary owner of pharmacy solution build for over 10 facilities within two large health systems
  • Supported Cerner Millennium implementations for over 40 inpatient facilities
  • Developed software to automate complex, repetitive build processes in SQL and to audit build quality


B.S. Computer Information Systems, Bradley University, Peoria, IL

May 2010

  • 3.51 GPA (Cum Laude)
  • Minor in Business Studies


  • Programming Languages: C#, Python, JavaScript, SQL, Bash Scripting, HTML/CSS, Java
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL, MySQL, Vertica, Elasticsearch, Redis, Snowflake
  • Web Development: Svelte, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, Flask, NodeJS, REST APIs, GraphQL, Static Site Generation, Content Management Systems, Nginx
  • Reporting: Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel
  • Virtualization/Containers: Proxmox, Docker, VirtualBox
  • Other Software/Technologies: Microsoft Azure, Windows, Linux/Unix, Git, Jira, MQTT, YAML
  • Computer Hardware: Building and upgrading computers, Networking hardware, Microcontrollers, Z-Wave, Zigbee
  • Other Skills: Consulting, Client Support, Project Management, Software Implementation, HL7 Integration


  • Trinity Commercial Data Solutions Value Award, October 2021
  • Cerner Service Improvement Associate Recognition, January 2021
  • Cerner Customer Service Week Award, October 2020
  • Cerner Excellence Award, Q1 2019
  • Multiple Cerner Support Life Saver Awards, January 2015-July 2021
  • Cerner Consulting Associate Recognition, May 2014 and July 2012