Posts from December 2021

Eleven Years in Tech: My Career So Far

Posted December 29, 2021 General

As 2021 nears a close, I look back on my career journey to this point, and the lessons I've learned.

Moving Data from Snowflake to SQL Server

Posted December 22, 2021 Data Engineering

Moving data out of a warehouse is a less-conventional approach, but sometimes it's necessary. Here's how I pulled a large amount of data out of Snowflake to use in SQL Server.

Comparing Data Engineering Processes

Posted December 20, 2021 Data Engineering

ETL, ELT and more: What options are there and when do they work best?

Twinkly LED Lights Review

Posted December 13, 2021 HardwareLED Lighting

We brightened up our holidays with a tree pre-lit with Twinkly brand lights. Here's my review after a few weeks in our living room.